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If you’re here then you’ve heard the SACRED FIRE CALL and I could bet you’re probably so fed up of feeling disempowered, resentment, frustration, trapped, limited, overlooked, powerless, stuck, stifled, worn out, angry, hurt, let down, betrayed, abandoned, anxious, depressed…. Because you most likely haven’t accessed your SACRED FIRE SELF; your sacred POWER.
When you access your SACRED FIRE self she fuels you to make POWERFUL changes in all areas of your life, whether it’s to change an unfulfilling relationship, achieve a business dream that was left on the shelf, or to live in a fun, vibrant, and healthier way that is aligned with YOU.
Maybe you are yearning for this SACRED FIRE energy to improve one of these areas specifically, but when you access and ignite your unique SACRED FIRE self & it’s powerful energy, you won’t just see changes in that one area, but in your whole life because YOU are changed.
Join me as I lead you and other Sacred Fire sisters to access and live from your SACRED FIRE self; your essence of POWER, PASSION, and PURPOSE  in this unique and life changing four month online container.
I will share the SACRED FIRE METHOD with you through online live sessions, video & audio lessons, handouts and worksheets, and embodiment practises. These use visualistion, emotionally expressive movement, breathwork, sound, and energy practices and are based in 20 years of training and experience in psychology, psychotherapy, and holistic medicine.
You know you’re READY…Let’s go ladies!


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