Yesterday we received notice of my daughter’s appointment time and I’d very little time to prepare her. As a sensitive child, I’m aware of her need to be prepared for new experiences. Thankfully her preschool provided us with a social story to explain the process, however I had an idea to try make it a little more fun….


I decided to tell my daughter that because one of her friends in school was sick, we were going to visit Santa’s North Pole nurses so they could check that she was healthy and well for him to visit. I explained that they had their special North Pole nurse outfits on with masks and white sheets and used magical buds to check her nose. I added that this tickles but leaves a little xmas magic up her nose. When we were there I asked all the workers were they Santa’s helpers. They were amazing and she was delighted when they confirmed they were! It helped that Xmas FM was playing too 🎄


While this was a last minute creative twist to help take the sting out of the unexpected experience, I was also prepared that it may not work. If she had’ve been scared or upset, I would have empathically responded to her emotional needs in that moment, which is ultimately what our kids need to feel safe. I understand that each kid may feel or respond differently, and each family may like to approach it in their own way, however I wanted to share this with you in case it may help one other young child going through what can seem like a strange experience, especially those that are a little more sensitive.


Stay safe and well!


With love always,

Donna 🌻