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The last few nights my husband has been jet lagged and was tossing and turning in the bed trying to readjust to our time zone. Add in my high sensitivity trait which means an ability to pick up subtleties in the environment and I had a night of very disturbed sleep!

For as long as I can remember I’ve needed sleep to feel well. I have a very vivid memory from childhood, being in bed sick and overhearing my mother telling my aunt that I was sleeping and how I always slept and slept when I needed to heal. This is not surprising when we look at the research on the sensitivity trait and how it recommends that we need a minimum of 8 hours quality sleep. This is to allow our nervous system to recover and restore from the hard work of deeply processing everything each day.

The day after the disturbed night of sleep this week, I noticed how irritable and impatient I was. After a few nights, I decided to try something different…. EAR PLUGS. Wow… what a difference!

Knowing how effective they can be, these are something that I often recommend for clients. I had tried them during the daytime but I think I’ve just found my new favourite addition to my sleep routine.

What are your tools that help you to get good quality sleep?

Some tips I often share with clients are:

✨ Ensure you have enough downtime before going to sleep – this is SO important.
✨ Journal – this is a great way for your mind to process the day and let it go.
✨ Meditate
✨ Breathing exercises
✨ Avoid phones (unless using for mediation)
✨ Dimmed lighting
✨ Right temperature
✨ Quiet room
✨ Warm bath with essential oils e.g. lavender

Think relaxation!

Whatever soothes your nervous system and allows you to slow down enough that you can fall asleep. Enjoy 💤