Sensitively Strong Therapist

As a therapist, your gift is your high sensitivity but without knowing how to harness this gift, it may feel more like a burden right now!


Sensitively Strong Therapist

Learn to harness the therapeutic gifts of your sensitivity


As a sensitive therapist, you may be noticing some of these challenges:

Perhaps you are experiencing compassion fatigue or burnout?
Do you notice you feel worn out and stretched more than your peers? Possibly wondering how they can maintain such a large case load?
Perhaps you feel emotionally overloaded by some of your clients; feeling their pain deeply, as if it is yours?
Are you noticing that you need time outside of the session to process and digest what’s happened?
Do you find it harder to have boundaries with your clients; running over time in sessions, letting cancellation or no show fees slide because your empathising with their story?
Do you find it hard to charge your sessions at a price that allows you financial comfort but tend to offer sliding scales or very low cost because you care so much about your struggling clients?
Perhaps you wonder if you can actually sustain an income in this field without feeling so drained?
Maybe you’re hard on yourself, always feeling like you haven’t done enough for your client or struggle when you make mistakes?
Perhaps you’re always looking to learn or do more so you’ll finally feel like a good therapist?

How can I help?

Deepen your understanding of your own and your clients’ sensitivity trait and empower yourself with tools to reduce stress and self doubt in your personal and professional life so you can sustain a meaningful career as a Sensitively Strong Therapist.

How can I help?

Deepen your understanding of your own and your clients’ sensitivity trait and empower yourself with tools to reduce stress and self doubt in your personal and professional life so you can sustain a meaningful career as a Sensitively Strong Therapist.

In this unique course, you will learn:

  • Understand the biological basis of this high sensitivity trait
  • Recognize how your sensitivity shows up in your therapeutic work
  • Understand overstimulation and states of anxiety/overwhelm
  • Recognising cues of compassion fatigue or burnout
  • How to identify and heal any internalised sensitivity shame
  • Creating new & empowering beliefs about your high sensitivity
  • Ways to create a professional (and personal) life that allows you to thrive
  • Connecting with other sensitive therapists who innately understand your experiences, and will support, inspire, and celebrate your high sensitivity.

I’ve been learning, practising, and teaching in the field of mental health for over 16 years now and learning about the high sensitivity trait was a game changer both in how I understood myself and in how I practised as a psychotherapist. Now, both my clients and myself are reaping the benefits of my sensitive gifts.

Join me in becoming a Sensitively Strong Therapist and start thriving rather than surviving in your professional and personal life.

What you get in this package:

Effective and Easy strategies

Video lessons


Reflective questions

Ebook of all the weekly lessons

Free ticket to one of our monthly Sensitively Strong Gatherings so you can connect with other sensitive souls

Access to our private Facebook group where you get ongoing connection & support

Lifetime access to the materials

Discount on one to one consultation

Discount on membership to Sensitively Strong Community


What other therapists are saying:

I will forever remember the morning myself and Donna took a long walk, in nature, and she spoke to me about HSP for the first time. In the course of that conversation, my lived experience emerged from the fog and distortion of expectation and judgement and was embraced instead with understanding and acceptance. Since that day, and with Donna’s gentle support and guidance, I have continued to embrace and understand my gift of HSP. As a practicing psychotherapist I have also introduced HSP to many clients and share in the joy as they discover that the things they had viewed as deficit within themselves was actually a superpower just waiting to be understood and pointed in the right direction.  Once in a while, if you are lucky, you will meet a person who practices fully what they preach, who leads rather than directs and who inspires through their passion to help others truly live their best lives. I met Donna.x

Luke Devlin


I am eternally grateful for meeting Donna who helped me understand what it means to be a highly sensitive person. As her client, Donna showed me great empathy and compassion and created a nuturing space in which i could learn about the traits common in HSP’s,.Donna helped me identify my triggers and gave me strategies to deal with feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. Donna also connected me to a supportive community of sensitive souls. Discovering all about being a sensitive soul has greatly enriched my life, now, instead of feeling ashamed of my sensitivity, I celebrate it for the gift it can be. It has also been such a blessing in my professional life as a therapist, informing my practice and sharing the learning with my clients.

Dearbhla Flanagan


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Whether you’re in training or are in the field a long time, it’s essential for you to understand your unique wiring as a highly sensitive therapist so that you and your clients can experience and benefit from your sensitive gifts. If you don’t, unfortunately this will most likely be at the cost of you, and even your clients, which I know as a sensitive therapist goes against everything you value!

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