Sensitively Strong


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Research tells us that for our brains to reap the benefits of gratitude, we need to both record it and to be specific. So here you go brain….

Today I am so unbelievably grateful for the staff at my daughters school. They have shown her such understanding, acceptance, and unwavering support that today she had the gift of enjoying every moment of her first school concert. This is an environment that would usually be a big challenge for her, proving just how important it is for us to experience difficulties so we have the opportunity to build our resilience and self belief!

I’ve repeatedly seen this in my own practice – that when we get the love and support we need from both ourselves and others, and when we use our setbacks or difficulties as evidence of our strength, we truly flourish.

So, what are you grateful for today? Record it by writing it down or taking a photo and be as specific as you can. This is me, still on a high of love and gratitude hours after the concert 💕


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