Sensitively Strong


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Are you up in your head lots; thinking, planning, reflecting, organising? As sensitive ones, our brains are wired to do more of this but our nervous system can become overloaded so we need to keep the balance.


If you’d like to learn ways to stay balanced and grounded while harnessing the gift of your sensitive mind, then join us in our Sensitively Strong Community where I share strategies each month and we meet together to practise and share tools that empower us as sensitive people. I am running a free gathering on December 10th where you can sample how wonderful it is to connect with other sensitive souls like yourself and allow me to support and guide you before the xmas season is in full swing.


Get your free ticket here:

Or simply have a little guided support with feeling more grounded with my video lesson here:

Whatever you choose to do, mind you and your sensitive body.


Stay Sensitively Strong!

With love always,

Donna 🌻