Today I woke with an almighty headache. It was brewing after a few nights of less sleep and some extra work that was taxing on my mind. So, with the support of my loved ones, I took to my bed with my eye mask and hot water bottle. I listened to some soothing music and I napped. An hour later, I was invigorated and had a wonderful evening.
As sensitive people, we have highly attuned and responsive nervous systems. This means it can become overloaded if we don’t ensure we get enough downtime and restoration.
Sadly, many of us push ourselves to work and live as though we are not wired this way, to work and and live like the majority of people without these brain based differences. The result? Burnout, mental health issues, illness, relationship breakdowns, you name it.
It doesn’t have to be this way though.
You can learn about your sensitive nervous system, accept your differences, and start creating a life that’s aligned with your needs. Then you, and the world, can enjoy the gifts of your sensitivity.
So take that nap. Rest. Make time to be alone. Walk in nature. Do whatever your body needs and I promise you, you’ll be Sensitively Strong!
With love always,
Donna x