This week we’ve taken on a big change in our family. My daughter has had some food sensitivities and intolerances and we’ve been adjusting our menus and routines to support her. Some parts of this “recovery” journey are a steep learning curve and I have wanted to be sure that I was doing it correctly so as to help her feel better.

I was reminded of my own journey with food intolerances 8 years ago and what a huge change it was for me. I remembered how committed and conscientious I was and the amazing results I saw and felt from being so committed. I also remember feeling the rigidness and fear of not doing it “perfectly”, of veering off the “right way” to do things and the possible negative backlash of this on my health.

Perfectionism was always something I lived with and in the past it was camouflaged as a positive because of the success it brought. Good grades, university places, job offers, better health in the above circumstances, and many other desired outcomes for which I aimed. The cost however was living without peace. Peace with my imperfections, with my perceived flaws, with the uncertainty of what would unfold if I didn’t do it/get it right.

Perhaps you question if you’re a perfectionist, claiming you’re never perfect! However, if you find it a challenge to accept yourself for your imperfections, are very self critical, take criticism hardly, and feel anxious or overwhelmed and try to control or fix situations, then you probably struggle with perfectionism too.

Thankfully, I’ve learned the reasons why I was challenged with perfectionism and what I needed to overcome it. Taking on this new challenge for my family this week, I feel peace and hopefulness. I feel free to be messy and make mistakes, and allow myself to learn and grow each day. I’m also sharing this message with my daughter so she can develop the skills needed to nurture self acceptance through challenges (and everyday). We took a photo of Day 1 of our journey together this week 🥰

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Donna 🌻