Last night I had a very disturbed night of sleep. I woke feeling exhausted, recognising a heaviness in my body and mind, like a sense of dread for the day ahead. I had barely woken up when my kids came in screaming cause they had a disagreement. I could feel how frazzled my system was; the noise was like nails on a chalkboard, or an exposed electrical wire. I hadn’t even put my feet on the ground and I already felt overstimulated!

Thankfully I’ve come to understand how important sleep is for my highly attuned and responsive nervous system. If you are someone with the high sensitivity trait or an empath, then you also need sleep like the air that you breath. When we don’t get it, our system goes into fight/flight/freeze very easily and our tolerance is at an all time low.

Life however doesn’t always hand up our needs on a plate and for me, today was one of those days. So, what could I do? I couldn’t go back to sleep. Oh how I wish I could…I yearned for the comfort of my warm, quiet, and cosy bed! I could however give my system what it was yearning; soothing and regulation.

Today, I prioritised exactly that. Frequent moments where I paused, soothed, and restored my frazzled nervous system. This is something we learn how to do in the Sensitively Strong courses, gatherings, and in our monthly membership.

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Here’s what other members are saying

“Since doing the Sensitively Strong course and becoming a member, I have become so much more aware of myself; how easily overwhelm can set in, my reactions to becoming overwhelmed and how to listen to my body’s needs and be more kind to myself. Certain traits or characteristics that I could have once considered negative have now become strengths with the tips and exercises I’ve learnt. I love joining the gatherings each month and chatting with other sensitive souls. I have also received great tips from the other members as well and relating to so much of what is shared.” – Lisa, Dublin.

“I was drawn to join the Sensitively strong gathering and loved how I was part of a community that I did not realise I belonged too.” Helen, Meath.

“Thanks so much Donna for creating such a safe and enriching space. Thank you also to all those who have shared, I have learned from you all.” DF, Meath

“Thank u for the group! It was the most amazing experience I’ve had in one of those! I felt very emotional, and relieved to know that im not alone in how I am feeling!” – KM, Dublin

Stay Sensitively Strong!

With love always,

Donna x