Sensitively Strong

Shift The Shame

By March 30, 2019 November 24th, 2021 No Comments

What labels or criticism did you hear when you were younger?

  • Get over it
  • Don’t be so serious
  • Lighten up
  • You’re overthinking/overanalysing
  • Don’t be so moaney
  • You’re so emotional
  • Toughen up
  • Don’t make such a big deal

Maybe it was your parents, a teacher, another adult, your siblings, or peers …. Their voice often becomes our own internal barometer of our worth and our place in the world. You may notice how, even as an adult, these labels and criticism are often triggered when we are around these people. We almost become that little girl or boy again, forgetting our own opinion, or second guessing ourselves, retreating in our vulnerability.

What’s worse, even now as an adult you may find the strength to assert yourself but you may be dismissed or shot down by being described as “too sensitive” and straight away you’re back to self doubt.

You’re are not “too” anything. You are YOU, in all your beautiful sensitivity. Yes, maybe there are areas you would like to grow and develop within, but your nature, your big emotions, and deep thoughts, all of those are perfect. Always remember that. Find your tribe; those who love you AND your sensitivity. Those who are not afraid of it but rather know your sensitivity is your gift to this world, because it is.

Steps to start shifting that shame:

  1. Take some time to observe anything you feel ashamed of regarding yourself sensitivity, anything you regularly doubt or criticise yourself about.
  2. Now reflect upon who may have said this to you as a child. Know it’s roots.
  3. Finally, start to shift how you talk to yourself and create a new inner voice, one full of acceptance and compassion for your amazing sensitivity.