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What are your triggers for overstimulation?

By October 25, 2018 April 12th, 2021 No Comments

This morning was a challenging one for my daughter, who struggles with SPD, so everything took us a little longer. We found ourselves rushing to get to school on time. On the walk back I noticed the tightness in my chest and stomach, and the scrunching of my forehead. I was overstimulated and on the path to overwhelm.

So I decided to take the route of calm instead. By simply paying attention to my surroundings, taking some deep belly breaths, and compassionately acknowledging my emotions about the morning, I was able to calm my nervous system and regain a sense of peacefulness.

If like me you have the high sensitivity trait, then being under time pressure may be a trigger for overwhelm for you too. Being attuned to others needs and emotions can also be internally stimulating leading to overwhelm, such as my daughters intense emotions this morning.

So, what are your triggers for overstimulation?

What can you do to calm and soothe your nervous system when you notice you are on the path to overwhelm?

If you’d like to explore the quality of your breath, check out my breathing exercise video on this blog.


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