Do you know how to let your emotions and physical sensations move through your body when you are triggered?

Or do you just react to life and have guilt and regrets afterwards?

Sadly, we aren’t taught as children how to:

🔹 Acknowledge & Identify our emotions

🔹Be present with our emotional experiences

🔹Accept we’re having these emotional experiences

🔹Learn how to listen to them and use them for growth

🔹Learn how to regulate our emotions and nervous system

It’s never too late though. Our brains can rewire and we can shape our daily lives and improve our relationships both with ourselves and others by learning these tools.

Want to know how?

I’m sharing the experience I had this morning and how I used some of what I’ve learned and embodied in this area to guide you and give you some food for thought, and some ideas to get started. Remember, this can feel like a minefield if you’re starting out so go gently and reach out if you need some support.

This morning I woke up later (usually I try get up before the kids to come round and ground myself). I noticed I was quickly trigger by my dog constantly barking & my kid’s morning grumpy demands. Nothing major I know but I had little tolerance and I felt frustration build strongly in my chest. I observed the tightening sensation and the urge to shout at them all. Shouting can bring an instant relief to this building of energy in our bodies but unfortunately it’s what I call a “short term gain but a long term loss”; short term relief but long term harm in your relationship.

Our emotions are just energy that need to flow and move through us. Instead of allowing this to happen or even knowing how to do it in healthy or non harming ways though, we tend to try ignore it, push it down, try think ourselves out of it, minimise it, or let it rip in destructive ways with our loved ones, or even ourselves. I’ve been there… both letting it implode and cause turmoil within my body and my mind, or not being able to resist the urge to let it out and screaming at my loved ones.

Rather than doing this today, I chose to do something healthier, more nourishing, more empowering. I intuitively moved and stretched my body to move and loosen the tightening sensation I was experiencing in my chest. I tracked what felt good and repeated it.

Then I added sound. The vibration of my voice. This was extra powerful. Feeling the sound of my hum and “OM” breath in my core helped shift the heaviness and stuckness I was sensing. I tried higher pitched notes to feel it higher in my chest, then lower pitched notes to feel it in my lower chest and belly. Again, tracking what felt good, what I needed in this moment, and then repeating it. Adjusting it as the sensation changed and moved through me.

What? Hum? Sing? Chant? I hear you say… I understand using your voice like this may feel scary or embarrassing, it may trigger all sorts of thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. I’ve had them before too. This can take time.

Here are some tips:

🔸 Try when you’re alone.

🔸Start with a low volume hum (even a whisper)

🔸Try singing if that feels more socially acceptable.

🔸Just focus on the stretching and deep exhale sighs for now (and return to the sound when you feel ready. This acceptance is healing in itself 🥰)

So there you go, something new to try when you feel emotions rise within you. Even if you don’t try this, start with just observing your emotional experiences and the energy it produces in your body and mind and how you habitually respond (or react). As you build your awareness, you’ll increase your capacity to make different choices.


Does this resonate with you? Are you starting or trying to keep going on your healing path too? Let me know below!


Keep feeling. Keep growing. Keep embracing you.

With love always,

Donna x

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