Being a parent to a sensitive child or a child wth brain based differences can feel really frustrating at times, especially if something like sensory sensitivities can create daily battles around clothes, shoes, or other personal hygiene routines.


In this week’s video, I share my lived experience with this and give you guidance on how to work with this challenge while enhancing your connection with your child (or inner child!).


ADULTS PLEASE NOTE: Many of you who are sensitive adults have wounding from your childhood when your sensitive needs weren’t understood or nurtured. You may recognise yourself in the story I share about my sensitive child. Remember, any strategies I share for sensitive kids are equally relevant for you as an adult and this is a perfect opportunity to reparent your inner child, who is still yearning to be seen, understood, and supported.


If you need some further support, either as a sensitive adult or as a parent to a sensitive child, be sure to contact me.


If you would like to connect with other sensitive parents or parents of highly sensitive children, you are so welcome to join our Sensitively Strong Community.


Stay Sensitively Strong!

With love always,

Donna x