For me to live Sensitively Strong, and by that I mean embracing and accepting my sensitivity to ensure that I can reap the gifts involved in this trait, it is essential that I have daily restorative routines. These routines create predictability and a sense of respite from the other, more stimulating, parts of my day.
Each morning, this is simply getting my favourite Green tea, and taking a few minutes to decompress from the busy and demanding morning with the kids. I now associate this time with restoration so as soon as Iā€™m in the car I can instantly feel my nervous system respond to this association, to this predictable time of my day, by expanding in a sense of peace and contentment.
If you want to learn more about how to effectively introduce these routines into your life and tonnes of other daily strategies to feel more empowered, peaceful, and content in your own skin, you can learn them in the 9 week Sensitively Strong course, and in the monthly strategies within the Sensitively Strong Community.
What are your restorative routines?
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Stay Sensitively Strong!
With love always,
Donna x